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Suzuki DR 650 SE 

DR650 $135/day up to 5 days. 5 + days $125/day

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If you think the fun begins at the end of the road, you've come to the right place. The Suzuki DR650SE combines the civilized capabilities of a street bike with the hard-charging performance and exceptional handling of a dirt bike. Off-road, the DR650SE shines. Its technologically advanced chassis and suspension provide you with precise control on tight trails or open fire roads. For a real thrill, tap into the big single's awesome torque. It lets you accelerate hard out of corners and power your way across wide-open terrain. On the street, the DR650SE is a joy to ride. The Suzuki DR650SE is your invitation to adventure.
All prices include Full Face helmet, saddle, tank and tail bags depending on availability.

Ground Clearance

265 mm (10.4 in), Low 225 mm (8.9 in)

Seat Height

885 mm (34.8 in), Low 845 mm (33.0 in)

Curb Weight

166 kg (366 lbs)


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